Jennings Environmental, Safety and Security (JESS) Consultants was birthed from a place of pain and passion. The pain of experiencing first hand the impact job related injuries have on a family. The passion to safe guard our resources for future generations and help companies protect their most valuable assets. JESS Consultants equips governments, private and public businesses with the knowledge, skills and guidance to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity by preventing loss.

JESS Consultants provides world class Environmental and Safety Management Systems aimed at reducing and controlling risks. These EMS and SMS are based on ISO Standards and tailored to your specific business operations and risks. The Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) approach ensures that you are proactive, compliant and continuously improving. We believe that real change starts from the top and work with your leadership team to transform your organization’s culture with strategic planning and execution of your customized management system.

Some of our offerings include Gap Assessments, Risk Profiles, Strategic Planning, Emergency Response Planning including Hurricane and Fire Plans, Pandemic Responses (including COVID19 protocols), Environmental Impact and Site Assessments, Sustainability Goals Alignment and Corporate Social Responsibility Agendas.